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TENS UNITS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation are devices used to relieve pain by sending small electrical currents to targeted parts of the body.

TENS Units send electrical pulses through electrodes that are adhered to the skin, creating temporary relief from pain symptoms.

Altough TENS treatment is not a cure for pain symptoms, it is non-addictive, non-invasive and a low risk method of controlling pain and could help limit the use of pain medications.

Qualmed Precision carries TENS Units and accepts most major medical insurances. If you have received a prescription for a TENS Unit, you can contact our office and our friendly staff will assist you in getting you your perscribed TENS Unit.

TENS Units should not be used by patients who are pregnant, have a pacemaker or other type of electrical device implanted or if you have epilepsy. Do not use on broken skin, while operating machinery or while you are in or around water.

NEVER place electrodes over the heart, front or side of neck, on your mouth or eyes, on irritated or broken skin, varicose veins or on numb areas.


Qualmed Precision Accepts Prescriptions From The Following Insurance Providers: